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My Chin Doesn’t Let Me Forget It

I was laying comfortably in bed this morning when I looked at my phone:


Oh bollocks! I thought in my head.


I ordered groceries to be delivered today between 7 – 10 AM, which my brain knew but my body didn’t really care.

I staggered out of bed to do my usual morning things. I sat down at my computer with my usual mush to, you know, get the goss.

“Morning beautiful,” smsed my partner.

“Hi, Superman.”

“You get to see me at 12 (smiley face).”

“How come?”

I knew why – I’m going to the doctors to get my chin looked at, but I still decided to be a smartarse.

“Taking you to the doctors…duhh! (smiley sticking tongue out)”

“I was joking…duh!”

A couple of minutes later:


I’m happy I stopped the antibiotics today, because my stomach is beyond angry. Another day of it and I would be sick as a dog. On the way to the doctors I felt queazy and while I was there I felt the same – especially when the doctor cleaned my wound.

I am a human being, for crying out loud! (Another way of saying he was rough)

“2 of the stitches can come out, the other has to stay,” he said in his deep, European accent. I winced 3 times (same amount of times he had to clean my chin) and before I knew it, they were gone.

Even though I felt like going home, my partner decided it was a good idea to take me to work. I sat in the office for a while, eating takeaway and playing with things.

Dinner was nothing too exciting, but there was a lot of wrestling on the floor. We watched some Who’s Line Is It Anyway and I had to physically stop myself from laughing so much – I don’t want to put strain on my chin now that the bandage is gone.

Tomorrow, I will get to see my parents. My mother tells me I have to work out something for us to all do. I’ve decided to spend my time wisely by playing with my partner’s tablet games.


You know what is the absolute best realisation to spring forth from my injury?

I smile every single time I see my partner.

My chin doesn’t let me forget it.


(Oh, and the cream I received for my chin today won’t let me forget who I am either)


6 thoughts on “My Chin Doesn’t Let Me Forget It

  1. Doctors can be so sweet and sensitive, can’t they? I’m glad to see that you are healing and that you have found a way to have fun with it. I do so enjoy reading about the way you handle things. You are an inspiration. πŸ™‚

      1. I’m up to my eyeballs in a dissertation that is due on September 6. Sadly, that means no other writing till that is done.

    1. All but one stitch that hopefully comes out Monday. I’m a lot more cautious when wearing my socks in the house, let me tell you. However, I did slide across the floor for the first time since, so it’s nice to know fear hasn’t completely made a whimp of me! πŸ™‚

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