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Dun Dun, DUAH!

(written yesterday)

*Dons cape*

*Puts hands on hips*

It’s time to hanging out the washing!

I realised this morning that all the clothes I packed to wear today, were dirty. I was SUPPOSED to wash them when I got here on Sunday but I woke up this morning and it hit me. Nooo Cllleeeean Clloooothes! I had to chuck a “boy” day, and re-dress myself with what I wore yesterday.

The dentist went fine, but I found out that he was more concerned about my bad tooth than I thought.

“Any trouble with it?”

I replied in the negative.

“Well, if the nerve is dead we might just have to remove the tooth. Would you like me to put a filling in there and see how it goes, or take it out?”

I liked my odds of keeping the tooth, so I asked if there was any test we could do to see if the nerve was still alive. He came back 5 minutes later with something that looked like a stick of dry ice.

“Now, you let me know when you can feel this…”

Boy, did I feel it! All three times he touched my tooth with the stick of doom, I winced.


He was pleased and we went ahead with the filling.

And so I sat, for 30 minutes, while he drilled out the old temporary and put in the new. I twiddled my thumbs, thought “I can’t breathe!” then felt a little silly when I realised I could. The “dentist chair anxiety” is pretty much a distant pain in the bottom, as normal panic inducing thoughts were met with absolute confusion.

“Are you okay?” he would ask.

“Well, my jaw actually hurts a bit – it has been open for a while. I might also like a cup of tea after you’re done.”

…is what I wanted to say.

“Eeehmm ooorigghh,” is what I managed to spit out.

Another plus was the fact that I drove to and from the dentist. Usually, I am way too nervous to be in the drivers seat if the destination is associated with horror and pain, but for some reason it didn’t really phase me.

(written today)

Today, I headed back to my city with my mother. There was no freak weather, just beautiful sun. We had lunch outside my workplace – I watched my mother expertly make a salad sandwich and cup of tea while sitting in the drivers seat. She is a very talented woman. I didn’t start until 2, and the whole reason I was there was so I could complete some training. At one point, I really had to use the bathroom, so I bounded into the building and talked to a couple of co-workers.

“Are you in today?” was the sentence most uttered.

“Yeah, for the training,” I would reply.

“Oh, right.”

Wasn’t until I started my shift for good that I found out that training HAD BEEN CANCELLED.

“Oh, did you say you were in for training? It’s been cancelled” a co-worker told me, as I stood at the whiteboard.

No kidding.

So I went to speak to my manager.

“Oh, I thought you were coming in Thursday! That’s why I didn’t contact you.”

However, I had sent her an email that morning saying I couldn’t come in on Thursday, which she acknowledged in the conversation.

I wasn’t all that annoyed, though. I had to come back here anyway, and am still feeling a bit shaken up by the dentist.

I did, however, manage to drive home from work again. Once I get behind the wheel, and the initial shock of anxiety has gone, driving becomes just driving. That being said, my mother is in the passenger seat the whole time so I’m yet to see if “driving is just driving” without her.

When I returned home, with my salad my mother had made me, I opened the fridge to find…




(you all have to shake your computer screens around to add extra emphasis)
(but, you know, do it gently, cause those suckas are expensive!)

As if it isn’t hard enough to stay away from these kinds of food…

But, I’m doin’ it for the health!

It’s my new mantra.


6 thoughts on “Dun Dun, DUAH!

  1. No matter how hard I tried, the salad would lose to the sweets every time. Good job with the driving and the dentist. It sounds like you are much more articulate with someone working in your mouth than I am. Mine sounds similar, but usually includes spit running down my chin. 🙂

    1. Such an awkward situation to be in, isn’t it? I just spend the whole time with my eyes closed now, wondering what they are doing and hoping my dentist won’t elbow me in the face when he is changing tools.

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