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The Thing Before The Other Thing

“There’s your spot, all clean and ready for you,” my father says, pointing at the lounge next to the fire.

Ah, the royal treatment of parents. They are my heroes.

I decided to go to the dentist so I am back here, in my hometown. The drive over was a little weird. Sunny… sunny… sunny… WHOOOOSH, BUUULLLLRRR, SPLAT! We apparently found the whirlwind that uprooted Dorothy. Seriously. This particular stretch of highway had a weather system all its own.

Last night, I drove again.

My partner actually brought up driving.

“Let’s go driving!”

“Why, where do you need to go?”

“No where, I just thought it would be good to go out and get some air.”

“Seriously, where do you need to go?”

My partner usually only suggests going for a drive if he has something in his mind that he wants to do. Like going to pick up mail, or some such thing. Turns out he just wanted to drive. I found myself in the drivers seat if by magic.

My plan was to only go around the block – not as nerve-racking as the thought of driving through traffic lights to the local supermarket. As I approached the lights, the one for going around the corner went red, and the lights for straight ahead went green. I zoomed through them without a second thought and found myself on a road I hadn’t been on yet. The anxiety lessened after a while, and that was helped by the fact that there weren’t a lot of cars on the road.

Oh, and I went through the drive thru.. As in, I drove THROUGH the drive THRU. I usually get anxious in the passenger seat in such circumstance, so the fact that I was behind the wheel was weird.

So, I guess… high five!

There was something else I was going to tell you all about, but it has completely slipped my mind. Utterly and completely. I can’t even use the go-to move to figure it out – you know, thinking about the thing you were thinking about before you starting thinking about that other thing… or, going back into the other room where you thought of the thing you needed…

Oh well, I’ll leave it at that then.

Hope that whoever has to go to the dentist tomorrow has a pleasant experience.

If you’re not going to the dentist like me, I hope you see a rainbow or a butterfly to brighten your day.


3 thoughts on “The Thing Before The Other Thing

  1. First off, here’s returning your high-five.

    Second, about two hours after you posted this I was on a bus in the Scottish Highlands, near Loch Laggan, when I saw the most vivid, beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. It spanned the Loch and I could actually see both ends. It actually pulled me out of a bit of a funk that I was in. I now know that it was you who sent it to me. Thank you.

    1. It’s funny because I saw the same thing that I wrote about a couple of posts ago so I know how you feel. I guess that’s why I mentioned a rainbow. Sometimes it can really take your breath away!
      I’m glad it pulled you out of a funk 🙂

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