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Happiness In A Holiday

I’m very much enjoying my mini holiday, if I am allowed to call it a holiday. Usually, when I come back to my hometown, I get quite bored and within the space of 2 days I feel like leaving again. Now that my energy has come back from the day at the dentist, I feel relaxed and calm, and dare I say it, very happy.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time outdoors. I let my ducks out, told Quackers she is a “lovely lady” and took a few photos around the farm.

I’ve also been cooking a fair bit. My parents are loving the fact that when they come home from work there is a meal on the table. I decided to bake a cake and it turned out pretty well: Chocolate with Pear and Golden Syrup Topping. We had some pears that were going south so I had to do something with them. (Although after smelling said cake I wish I had put ginger in it! It would have gone together so well.)

Speaking of cooking, I’m loving the water here. Anyone who lives off rain water tanks will known what I’m talking about. When I cook my rice porridge, it turns out all soft and delicious. When I cook it in the city it is still pretty hard – the texture is all different. Oh, and the showers! I barely have to put any shampoo or conditioner in my hair for it to come good.

Last night I managed to go with my parents to a birthday dinner. My father is in charge of the local museum, so he knows all the volunteers very well. I really loved going out. Although the noise was a bit much at times, and I felt a little tired as a result, I did chat to people and managed to eat. Unfortunately, my stomach and guts started giving me a hard time so I couldn’t finish my meal – and it was a great meal. I had the chicken with honey mustard sauce. Not the Subway kind, but as thought they made it from scratch. I did feel a bit anxious at this point and asked if we could go – the possibility of leaving early was already explained to the other guests so I didn’t feel so bad.

Then, I decided to drive home. Despite the stomach weirdness, and feeling a little sick, I drove! I had to drive slowly because my father still doesn’t like to be in fast-moving objects, but it was all pretty smooth.

Today I have woken up with the same energy. I’m thinking that I’ll clean out my parent’s fridge because it’s kind of a hit-or-miss situation in there.

I pick up something.

“How long has this been in here?”

“I have no idea.”

They said they have to clean out the fridge properly before my brother comes to visit, because he will just eat anything that’s in there, despite the smell or texture. Quite a scary concept if you ask me.

Tonight, because it is late-night shopping, I’m going to check a few things out with my mother. I saw some things that might be handy for my new home, plus I need a few bits and pieces before heading back to my city.

I miss my partner. When I spoke on the phone to him, he said he felt a bit lost without me there. Not long now though. My parents and I are all piling in the car tomorrow morning to head back – my father has another MRI scan to do.

I hope everyone has a nice day, or night, whatever the case may be.

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