Kitten On Sunday


This Sunday we’ve had a visitor. At the moment, my partner’s parents have two kittens. I love animals, so my partner went over and picked one up to visit.

I’ve just loved watching her/him (not entirely sure which) run around our house and be astounded at the weird positions it seems to get into while falling asleep.

Most of all I love the exploring. It wants to get in every nook and cranny and if you disturb it from exploring a certain area, it just wants to get in there even more. It won’t stop.

The purring has been non-stop. I guess that means it is happy. Now, it’s decided to fall asleep on my arm I’m using to type on my iPhone. Oh wait, now it is watching me type. Hope I haven’t offended…

This morning (yes, 8:30 AMon a Sunday!) we went to a nearby market – like a car boot sale, but a little better. We managed to get most of the fruit and veg we needed for the next week for around $20. I got a bit nervous, but it was from the annoying pain coming from my guts.

I have been on the second stage of my treatment for a week and a half and the good news is my knees have not swollen back up again. Bad news is my bowels still haven’t reorganised themselves. Instead of being irritable they aren’t doing anything. Yay for personal details!

Anyway, it was nice to go out. I hadn’t really left the house since Tuesday. All the unpacking and dishes kept me pretty busy. Plus I had to catch up on a lot of sleep. This week I work one day, and the rest I will be going for a couple of bike rides/walks.

Well, kittie has fallen asleep on me and I feel like doing the same thing.

4 thoughts on “Kitten On Sunday

      1. Been very busy. Big project due tomorrow, and I’m having a hard time motivating myself to finish the last parts. After tomorrow, I’ll be doing much better.

      2. Oh. That’s maybe why you haven’t been posting that much either. I hope the project goes really well, and there is as little pressure and stress as possible.

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