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Goodbye Long Summer Days

Hello Cold Winter Months!

Yay! Snow!

I’m sure everyone has a preference to hot and cold. I guess mine is pretty obvious.

Yesterday marked the end of daylight savings (which my father will hate – he’s very much an outdoors person) and now we all have to readjust to 6 o’clock darkness (and, at it’s worst, 4 o’clock darkness.) I live in a part of Australia where it seems as though it is winter for 9 months, and then extreme summer for 3 months – if you could call it summer this year. (It mostly rained and I wore a jumper a lot.)

A big deal breaker with me hating this time of year is my bad circulation. No matter how many layers I put on, a chilly breeze will still manage to go straight through me. Friends try to help by grabbing my hands and holding them in theirs, giving them a bit of a rub for heat, but literally 5 seconds later they are back to freezing. Unfortunately I also get chilblains of the hurtie variety.

Because my joints have been damaged by RA and swelling I also will be waken in the night to aching. No matter how warm it is underneath the doona, my joints will respond to whatever temperature it is OUTSIDE. I’m not entirely sure how that works, but hey, I’m not sure of what my body does 80% of the time.

So why don’t I move to a warmer climate? Good question. I think the main reason is because I don’t do well in humidity and very hot temperatures.

Wanna hear the funny thing? (Keeping in mind what I said about the bad circulation…)
When my body starts to heat up, the heat gets TRAPPED in my hands and feet. Thus, I overheat easily. I know! It’s hard to win.

Also, heat makes panic attacks arrive out of nowhere. It’s a common thing. If you’re trying to calm down the last thing you want is a) for you to feel too hot, and b) feel like there is no air for you to breathe, making humidity an ultimate foe. If I wasn’t so self conscious I would walk around with this on my head:

It can't get to 88 degrees!

So, I’ve adjusted to daylight not-savings the only way I seem to know how to adjust to things – by eating! My stomach has accommodated this. It’s a confusing organ, but I thank it.

I love the darkness, so at least a part of me is happy. Since the sun goes down earlier it means the crazy me (a.k.a the real me) is able to relax a lot earlier and come out. For me, darkness is my alcohol – it allows me to loose my inhibitions. I feel a lot safer in the dark when, ironically, I used to be afraid of it. Not just as a child, but well into my young adult life. I suppose I should say I was afraid of what was IN the dark, not actually the darkness itself.

Lastly, I’ve been reliving a lot of feelings from my childhood because of the heat and I think that’s why I’m sad to see it go. My favourite kinds of memories were of sitting in the back of the car on a warm summer night, listening to the crickets while my parents packed the late-night shopping into the boot. In two weeks I will be living with my partner, and I have high hopes I’ll be able to make a lot of wonderful winter ones that I haven’t been able to make for a hell of a lot of years.

So, goodbye long summer days…

…but hello new warm memories.

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10 thoughts on “Goodbye Long Summer Days

  1. It’s hard to remember sometimes that you are in the Southern Hemisphere and your summer ends as ours begins. I, for one, rue the end of summer. The short days and cold nights make me very unhappy. I don’t need to be especially hot, but I need the daylight.
    I wish you great fortune as you work to build those happy winter memories. This year should be one to remember.

      1. Not too bad. The bad days are 0 to -5 C. We had no snow this past winter. Dundee sits along a large river that empties into the North Sea and is backed by hills that block it into its own micro-climate. There was some snow 20 miles from here. Since you like darkness, you would love winters here. The sun rises around 8:45 am and sets by 3 pm.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the weather! I live in Wisconsin – moved here to be with my boyfriend – and it is practically 9 months of cold and 3 months of humidity (yuck). I’d love to be somewhere more RA-friendly, but for now this is home.

    Hopefully the new warm memories will outweigh the ‘fun’ the cold brings. I know it does for me. 🙂

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