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Head, Stomach and Legs

My partner visited yesterday so we could fill out some application forms for a new place together. We were quite ignorant to the fact that a lot of money has to be exchanged in order for us to move in as soon as we would have liked, and after some intense phone calls from my mother and me calling the rental place, we had no other choice to push back our preferred date of moving in.

I don’t mind though. I am a believer that if a place is meant to be mine then it will be.

For example, when I found out my ex was still infatuated with the girl he slept with while in a relationship with me, I decided that was it. I wasn’t going to feel the way that whole situation made me feel. So, I had to move out. Weirdly (or perhaps not) an apartment was available just 2 floors down from where I currently lived. I went to the open house, grabbed an application and handed it in within the next few days.

A couple of days later, they rang offering me the property. So, not only had I found a new place to live, but I only had to cart my things a short way. I also had the comfort of living alone, with the security of the complex and someone I knew upstairs. I also landed a great new job which allowed me to pay for (most) of my rent, plus bills, etc.

So, I never really question what happens with things seemingly out of my control. They always have a way of working themselves out in the end.

Yesterday, around 2 in the afternoon, my stomach felt like this:

Yes, my reflux has come back with a vengeance. I could actually feel the acid climbing up my throat and the insides of my stomach felt as though I had eaten glass. At one point I burped and the escaping air burned my throat all the way up into my nose. It literally made my ears ring.

In my sometimes annoying way of finding the good in every situation, I realised that I only get reflux when I am getting better. I know that sounds weird, but I would much prefer reflux to an inability to digest foods.

I also found this picture I drew a little over a year ago. I was wondering where it had gotten to…

I think I had just gotten home from work, pulled out my pencils and was adamant on drawing anything. So, I chose my legs. Why not? They’re right there after all.

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2 thoughts on “Head, Stomach and Legs

  1. I like how you are using artwork to represent your feelings and pain. I hope it is helping. I have recently done that also and maintain two blogs posting experiences and artwork. I find it a necessary therapeutic outlet. I understand stomach pain. A couple of years ago I had such intense stomach pain and burning that I couldn’t hold anything down for a few months. Hope yours is healing.

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