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You’d be surprised how many people leave here saying that

I went to see a man yesterday who was recommended to me by one of my father’s volunteers.

“You’re daughter really has to go and see this man,” she said.

I was skeptical to say the least. I am at the stage where I’m seeing every body under the sun for my health issues to be fobbed off as “well, you may or may not have this – tough luck, have some pills or take more vitamins.”

Just the other day I was saying to my mother, “it’s about time we went to see another doctor” even though I was sick to death of them. Then, in the frustration of it all, my mother remembered what the volunteer had said, so she called to get the number of this man being boasted about.

I feel incredible right now. Not because all of my health issues are over – they are far from over. However, for the first time in so many years, I feel like something has happened. I feel like someone has listened to me and is actually getting to the bottom of things.

When I left their office, I said out loud, “I’m not crazy!”

The receptionist piped up, “You’d be surprised how many people leave here saying that.”

This man, who was a mix of both medical and natural experience, knew what he was doing. He pointed out why I felt the way I felt and most importantly – had a way of getting my body back on track. It’s not a quick-fix – healing the body never is – but I am over-the-moon joyful that I have FINALLY been given the answers I was seeking, and arguably the most important, THAT I’M NOT CRAZY.

You see I was getting so frustrated at the fact that while I was eating well, taking the right vitamins and minerals, eating the right foods, my body was still not responding to anything. I could take handfuls of vitamin B12, but still feel as tired as if I’d been up for days. All of the questions I have had running around in my mind for years were answered medically – quickly, simply, in a way that I could understand.

I won’t go into the processes just yet, as it is too early to talk about (still wrapping my head around it myself) but I just wanted to share with you all the great relief in finding someone who can help you. I literally cannot get the smile off my face.

I’m not crazy.

Ahh, the relief in that is just, so, freeing.

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