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For A Love Of The Sky

Lately, I have enjoyed taking pictures of the sky – especially over the last few days when storms have been rolling in or passing. I love the beauty of clouds and the magic surrounding every sunset – no two are ever the same.

For Valentine’s Day, I will share some photos I absolutely love.

And last but not least, a quick, roof-top hug.

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11 thoughts on “For A Love Of The Sky

  1. Awesome. I also like admiring the skies and taking photos of the sky. I especially like the cloudy skies. Great post. I enjoy your blog. Normally, I read the short posts. Wish I had more time to read more.

    1. I try to do a little of long and short, or at least keep it interesting! Thank you for the comment. Aren’t skies just beautiful? So calming, if we would just look up every once in a while…

      1. I actually see like a shark or something and a dolphin in the second photo, and I can see a turtle in the third one, but I also see a hippo with it’s mouth open 😀

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