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Using Our Museum Voices

Hooray! The first actual summer day in sooo many weeks. Honestly, since summer started back in December (excluding one heat wave week) it has been FREEZING here. So abnormal. Thankfully it is just one of those days where you feel like going for a swim, rather than feel like you’re going to melt.

I decided that I had over-eaten last week, so I refrained from food except for vegetables and water yesterday – obviously a little more creatively than that sentence made it sound. It seemed to have paid off because I was able to go to work this morning and I didn’t feel as nearly weighed down or gross as Monday.

The trip in was exciting (my partner likes to beat everyone/everything on the road) and although work was a little slow-paced I had a good time. It was my first 4 hour shift (usually work 3 hours) and after a couple more to get my bearings I should be able to attempt an all-dayer.

After work, and after the many, many moons of spending days confined to my home, I decided that even though I was tired and hungry I didn’t want to spend the rest of the day on the couch. So my partner and I decided we might go and visit the zoo. I don’t know what exactly became of that plan, because we didn’t actually go to the zoo. We went to a museum that had a special exhibit on.

My partner proceeded to talk at the top of his lungs when everyone else was being quite sombre and stiff. I adopted my inside exhibition voice (whispering), so most of the conversation was along the lines of:

Me: mumble, mumble, mumble

Him: WHAT?!?! I can’t HEAR YOU.

Me: *yelling what I said back at him*

*Laughter* *serious stares* *tisking*

After the museum, we visited the botanic gardens which I absolutely love. It reminds me so much of home, and when I could drive I used to frequent there all the time. We brought some food, and I proceeded to take some pictures:

This plant looked so cool swaying in the breeze.

Not really sure why, but the face looks so cartoonish to me. Almost looks fake.

There are lizards everywhere in the summer. My partner voiced his dislike for snakes, so every time there was a rustle in the bushes he would stop. I walked on confidently, even though there was a sign stuck to the path that clearly stated, “Snake sighted here today.” I’m not an expert on snakes, but in my experiences on the farm, they avoid the harsh summer sun in the middle of the day, and emerge when it is cooler.

We returned to my partners very hot and tired. We wrestled at one point to get our frustrations out – and when I say wrestle I do mean wrestle. It’s not a euphemism for anything. At one point he wanted to leave me at his place to go and pick up a few things, however I felt I had done enough today so I asked to be taken home.

And here I sit, veins sticking out of my hands in my body’s passive attempt at cooling me down. I refuse to turn the aircon on, even though I get the afternoon sun, as in the winter I live for the thought that one day this kind of heat will return and warm me to my core.

Things won’t slow down for me tomorrow. I have to brave the city again to pick up my new phone, go to an IGA to pick up some things for Friday (I have a friend visiting!) and then it is my partner’s birthday dinner that night.

My partner (bless his little cotton socks) picked an eatery nearby (only a block away from my home) so that if I felt overwhelmed or uncomfortable I could leave. I don’t think I will though, as those plans were made a few weeks ago and I’ve covered a lot of ground since then. I’ve met all of his friends that will be at the dinner, they are all lovely souls, and since I can go into museums and shopping centers, I think a nice, relaxing dinner will be a piece of cake!

I hope everyone is doing well with their goals and/or anxiety. It certainly is possible to move forward, even if you don’t think you can.

Much love.

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