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Why can’t he like a fluffy bunny or, I dunno, an orange?

So there has been more painting today. This time I decided to use my other camera, rather than my old iPhone so it’s not a massive blur.

I mostly used this painting session as an experiment to see what was the best way to mix colours on the canvas. I can’t really explain how I paint, I just do whatever comes natural to me. I’m pretty happy with how it is going so far. I am kicking myself that I chose something with feathers. Why can’t my partner like a fluffy bunny or, I dunno, an orange?

Again, I am amazed at how many different colours there are in a picture. An Eagle (at least this one) is brown, right? I wish. Brown, black, yellow, blue, white, orange, grey, purple – and only just in that one area I’ve done.

I also decided to get outside today too. I wandered up to the flower shop and was confused to see it was looking 90% bare. She explained that the flower truck had forgotten about their shop this morning, so all they had was what I could see. So, I picked some Daisies to come home with me.

Now I am taking a break because there is only so much lifting arm movements and sitting on the floor that my body can allow before the numbness and aching sets in.

I might continue to play Batman: Arkham City. I think I’ve earned some xbox-ing.

To close, here are a couple of close-up shots I took while painting the tail feathers. Enjoy, and lots of happiness to you.

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