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I can see it’s really coming along!

The days, like last year, are hard to keep track of – especially since I’ve been staying up past 12 the last couple of nights.

Good news, there is paint on the canvas!

It is only a base colour and all I had time for before I lost natural light. I only paint during the day, mostly in the afternoon when I can sit in the sun and watch the sunset.

I didn’t do any painting yesterday as it was my partners last day off before he goes back to sleeping through the day and working at night. He came over and prepared to settle in, however after I jumped out of the shower I didn’t feel content with spending the whole day indoors.

So off we went, first to his place to sort some things out, then out to the local museums to find an exhibition I had read about last year but forgotten everything about. All I knew is that I wanted to go.

The first museum we ended up in wasn’t the place, but I met one of my co-workers there and it was nice to catch up. The second we arrived at was it! Not much of an adventure, I know, but I was just happy to be out and about.

While I was in this particular exhibition I noticed a room with a lot of informational material. I walked in and ran my eyes over everything when I noticed a pamphlet:

Is your life affected by mental illness?

I don’t really like the words “mental illness” as I feel like it implies I am weak in some way, so I almost didn’t pick it up, but curiosity got the better of me and I am glad I did. If you don’t know one of my goals, or things I would like to see happen, is an organisation that helps people with anxiety/panic not just with the usual counselling but getting peoples lives back on track again. This pamphlet directs you to a website (if in Australia) that you can search for government-backed institutions that do just that! (I am uncertain of the qualifications you need to work for either the government body or the places running the help, but I’ll try my best to get involved.)

I searched and searched online but never came up with anything in my state, plus it is hard to tell what is going to be helpful and what isn’t. I’ll put the link here so those who read this in Australia can have a look too.

I ended up staying until 9pm, 10 hours after I had left my home. At one point I said I wanted to go home, but then changed my mind when I had a feeling of disappointment inside. I only get that feeling when I know, deep down, that I can stay.

So all in all, a pretty successful day. I’ll now spend the next 4 days alone, but that is fine by me because I can get my painting done. Last night, when my partner dropped me home, he commented on a different painting I had set up. The painting is my cover for leaving all my equipment out so he won’t catch on. Before I started his, I was doing my own, but considering it is his birthday in 6 days his has to push to the front of the line.

“I can see it’s really coming along!” he said, both sarcastically and jokingly. I rolled my eyes. If he only knew.

I’ll leave you now with a couple of photos I found on my phone. Darling Monkey, some peaches at my parents farm and a winter magpie.

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