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Metaphors For LIfe

I’m one of those people that reads meanings into things. Not because I am searching for it deliberately – I’m not searching for a deeper meaning of my life other than to live it – it’s just something that comes as a curiosity.

I guess it comes from the crystal clear dreams I experience. Once or twice I have realized I was in a dream, controlled what was happening, and then somehow forgotten again. I sometimes get into the habit of writing them down and interpreting them, and other times I just go about my day as if they aren’t all that important. So one sort of gets into the habit of doing so in waking life too.

Yesterday I was feeling tired (and also sick of seeing the same four walls) so I thought I’d energize myself in nature. I found a nice willow tree to park my butt under and began to just take in the sights and sounds. After a while I decided to make chains out of grass, throw twigs through make-believe target hoops, and draw in the dirt.

Then I spotted an odd-looking bug crawling up my shoe. Because my eyes are terrible at focusing on small things that are far away, I gently led the bug up on my hand and watched its little feelers dart around as it keep on moving. After a while I placed the bug back on the ground and it didn’t seem phased by the entire ordeal.

As time went on I forgot that I could possibly be in the path of future crawlies, and looked down to see a worm like creature (very small) making it’s way up my foot. Due to my natural curiosity I moved my hand down to touch it. As soon as my finger so much as brushed this worm – well, it just went mental! It half curled up, half went into spasm, and dropped down to the ground again.

It got me thinking of how a certain person reacts to a certain situation. The first bug I picked up wasn’t at all phased that I touched it or held it in my hand. It just kept on walking. It didn’t even seem to care that I placed it down miles away from where it originally was (unless it shook it’s little bug fist at me when my back was turned.) The second totally flipped out.

I began to look up to the first bug. How I wish I could never be disturbed by the “picking up” and “putting down” of life.

Nature is always a great teacher, even if it’s not trying to be.

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